Thursday, May 10, 2018

Thot Thot Thot

Human consciousness today is probably really different from thirty years ago, and that was also really different thirty years ago too. Not having to remember driving directions. Being able to communicate so much to people who aren't in the same room.

I don't think it's something we're aware of enough. There's a lot of pattern recognition involved in empirical perception. Most of the time we gravitate towards sameness and familiarity when we operate visually. It's a coping mechanism. It's comfortable.

Neuroscientists probably have a better grasp on what's happening.


I started taking oil painting classes this year and they're enjoyable so far. I would like to paint more and draw more. I can write all I want here but it's not real until it's a physical thing, I think. There really is a lot of crap in the data universe, and it's forgotten instantly. The internet ends up a lot like our brains... storing a whole lot of useful things that can't be found just as you need them, and totally meaningless after you're gone.

Writing is just a process for now. A way to develop ideas and build my own system of beliefs. A lot of it is already there, but I need to get it out so that I can read it back again. Slash and burn and regrowth and again and again.


Today Mummy and I took the lift after dinner. She said something about there being a bookstore on Level 4 and I said no, there isn't. She swore it was there, if not she'd cut off her head and give me to me. She pressed the Level 4 button and the lift moved upwards. I continued staring at the shop directory and I said nope, there isn't one here. The doors opened. She said really, I guess not then. I pressed the B1 button and we headed back downstairs. We ran some errands and walked towards the taxi stand. She said she needed to check something. She walked towards the information counter and asked the lady something. I already knew what. She continued walking on and I caught up with her. She said okay, I'm going to need my head back. 

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