Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


There is an idea of a person, and then the world. The world exists, complete and independent of our consciousness of it. Our existence however is entirely dependent on, and defined by the world. It's a debt we are all born with and the gift of consciousness is to remind us of this debt. Maybe it's impossible to ever repay this debt but there will be those who try, and there will be those who give up.


How did we all become who we are, right now?

Experiences, I suppose.

You don't think there's things you are just born with?

I suppose the things you are born with can determine the experiences you have after you are born, so in that sense, experiences are still more important.

Do you believe in free will?

No. I believe that the human will is capable of and has achieved a great many things, but total freedom doesn't exist.

But should people have total freedom?

It's not a question of should or should not. We can do many things that make us happy. But freedom is an abstract concept. It's just one of those things that was not given to us.


The most important experience a person can have is fear.


The most natural and obvious fact remains: I can give up on anything except myself.