Sunday, July 22, 2012


So now I am starting over again in the preliminary stages of what adult life is supposed to be. I am slowly and carefully building up an army of pencil skirts, modest blouses and covered shoes. Waking up at 6am to an iPhone alarm and making a regular commute is my life now and I think I am growing again. Things are not easy but I'm very happy that I am where people expect bigger and better from me and I have a chance to prove that they are not wrong.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is it normal to be so angry to lie in bed demolishing all the weak arguments I keep hearing, the same old opinions that are so unbased and so unnecessary. The same themes keep coming up in my head over and over again. Unhappy people are the most selfish. Happiness is severely underrated so much so I have begun to associate unhappiness with stupidity. In one on one conversation I am empathic and I say things gently but when I don't want to be an enabler. The difficult talks always happen in my head. It's probably really unhealthy internalizing this stuff. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Go 2 Hell Singtel

You never activate my phone services when my dad calls in advance to have it done
Your 24 hour call centre people keep picking up my calls and telling me in their comforting and reliable Singlish that it'll be done as soon as possible, I should try to reboot my system in a few hours
Your phone plan allows me to make calls and texts but I can't get any of my Blackberry services. The biggest kicker is that Whatsapp works
I called you when I was on the street. When I was in a cafe waiting for my lunch.
You told me this morning that my BB services will be up by afternoon. I waited to do it in the evening and for all my patience and good faith... I got no new emails. No BBMs either.
And I was even thinking about getting an iPhone contract with you.
But now
I THINK NOT!!!!!!!!!!!11