Saturday, May 5, 2018

Pooh Bear

Is there such a thing as truth then?

Yes, of course there is.

And can we know it?

Yes, we all know it. But not in the same way. There are so many different types of things in this world, and each specimen unique to itself. We're all connected to the truth, but a different aspect of it. That's why we know different things and say different things. That's why we disagree.

But are those different things all true? If they are derivative from the truth?

I think there's truth in every expression, but not necessarily as we intend. When we act or speak we make a dent on reality, on truth. We're part of it. The truth always comes out. When we tell stories the truth wiggles its way out. Even if it's a made up story. Lies express so much more than the truth does because they are stories which are inextricably linked to truth. Those relationships tell you more than the truth does.

Is the truth important?

Of course it's important. But it's not important to know all of it. We're all trying. In our own ways. We don't know what path to take. So it's important to go your own way. 

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