Saturday, September 29, 2012

As we enter October

When things are bad then it seems pretty sensible to look for volatility instead.. Bad is bad but is life about absolutes or relatives? There's always lower levels to buy in and higher levels to sell out and even if we're on a bumpy road down south as long as the new highs are higher than the old lows.. then take advantage of what you can right? 

Feels like life is bottoming out but I like the feeling of hitting the floor because once things move it'll only be upwards. This kind of explains everything why I am the way I don't see myself moving in a single trajectory upwards because no force is going to move things up without something worse to push off from. The only fear is that you get sucker punched because you can't handle the lows but then you could never know how big the bounce is from that, right? That's what trampoline was all about I guess.. you can't get any height unless you sink in deep... the push off is easy, all just instinct + natural forces + the trampoline itself. Some people kick off harder than others and it's obvious, but the best gymnasts never look like they put in any force and that is the beautiful thing about the sport. It should always look that natural and graceful like a dance in freefall