Friday, September 30, 2011

Eating NYC

I have a ton of things to blog about but the first thing will be food because imma fat bitch like that!

I put it all on my NYC page as linked at the top of the page. I just spent like 2 hours doing it so go and read it, thx

It's just a bunch of food places I tried and liked for NYC, divided into two lists - Burgers and Other Stuff. That's kind of how I organize my eating experiences. This list is SO minimal because all I did was hang out in the NYU area, but I hope to add more stuff on it after more visits :)

This is how lame I feel writing about food

Bye Bye Summer 2011

OK I think this has been the longest summer of my life

Hong Kong
New York City + Philadelphia
Summer Internship

In the end coming back to London just feels SO GOOD I have missed these streets so much. And now that all my buddies are up it's officially party time!!!

Also, this year I am taking these modules:

Ethics in Applied Economics
International Trade
Money and Banking
Advanced Class in Philosophy of Mind
Global Health and Justice
19th and 20th Century Art in London Collections

Time to kick some ass

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Leaving soon

We are truly the privileged lot

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cheap and Cheerful

Bummed about leaving NYC - - - 
Happy about going back to London ++++++++

Sad to say, but I kind of prefer London. It's kind of cool to come here for a quick fling but I just can't imagine living here. I don't know why!

Aside from eating and sleeping like a pig, I've been visiting museums/galleries the whole week. It is so enjoyable to look at beautiful things in beautiful buildings. All of this is doing me a lot of good and I'll definitely post what I can when I get back to Real Life, so stay tuned x 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Eleanor Put Your Boots Back On

You know, there are just those days where life actually feels like more than some random series of insignificant events. When you get through a lot of feelings and thoughts about life and death and meaning and love and truth... et cetera.

Today the two big things that happened felt the same, but weren't actually anything similar at all. One was riding an ancient-looking Coney Island rollercoaster where the scare factor came more from the incredible jerkiness of the seats rather than the actual speed/height. The thing I like about riding rollercoasters is the fact that no matter how much you anticipate the feeling of the drop, or how many times you've taken rollercoasters, the feeling is always fucking fresh compared to "real life". The only way to prepare yourself is to get in the seat and accept whatever happens. That's why I like riding rollercoasters. But more than that, what I love most about it is that after 2 minutes, it's all over, forever.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Philadelphia 123


At first it's pretty spooky going to a smaller city but being in philly is pretty awesome. Lots of chill time, eating and sleeping.. spending loads of time with best friend, doing girly shit like talking about boyfriends and painting our nails. Currently starting on Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and listening to amazing demo album by beloved friend Kurt :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


can't do anything about the bad feelings, just keeping busy and trying to float. counting down the days until i go to NYC to catch the last weeks of summer. i really need a break, but from what??