Sunday, September 10, 2017


It's been a while. I keep feeling the urge to write, to record what is happening and to make clear my thoughts. I'm not really happy about doing it here, but this will do for now.

This weekend a lot of things happened, we did a presentation as FRIENDS at the Substation which felt like a very unusual situation, both in expected and unexpected ways. Before, during, and after that afternoon I had very different, though consistently complicated thoughts about the competition. They have not been manifested adequately so far, and I will need to do more work on it.

For now I want to note that I think that it is a good experience where one's mind is changed, and it seems this evolution is still unfolding. Also, I was unsatisfied with our work but still glad we made the attempt. There wasn't enough time and work done... For what? ... By what standards?

Mummy came down and listened to our presentation and stayed for most of the public jury. We left together at the end.

Today Mummy and I talked in the car, bought groceries, and walked around hand in hand. I also read a manuscript, visited a comic fair, talked to some artists, bought some comic books, and read one in the evening. Going to sleep, I thought about Marx, about labour as a form of human expression. There are some ideas that are the very core of my person but haven't been unpacked sufficiently to guide my career, which is an ongoing frustration. But I'm very sure that in the last few months we have somehow moved forward.

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