Monday, December 23, 2013


Most recently I have been thinking a lot about derivatives and applying the basic concept to ideas in my head about perception and reality. There is what is, and what is perceived which also is. The state of being belongs to an infinite of things. It is infinite and it is inifity. Zero doesn't exist. Nothing can be derived from zero except itself. I am tempted to think there is one thing which all things are derived from but that sounds religious, and I don't know what that could possibly be. It should be zero, but the relationship doesn't make sense. It is something related, but nothing can be directly related to nothing. 

I know derivatives to measure how one variable changes in relation to a change in another variable. The derivative of a constant number is zero because it doesn't change. If all things have to be derived from one thing, or is the one thing, then it means that matter and perceptions and people and thoughts are also derivatives and also only a measure of how one thing changes relative to another. I look at your arm and the experience is not relative to one thing, it is relative to time, light, space, and hundreds or thousands of variables at work. Even dimensions are infinite to discover as I look at your arm. But for common use it seems 3 and a few more are sufficient. Not all of them as obvious as what we know. 

Nothing exists absolutely. Even the most material or abstract things. Maybe only zero. 

Actually the only real use I find for this thought right now is that it's changed the way I imagine relationships and ideas visually in my head. It used to be a disconnected cloud but now I see points and derivative curves and a big big big round sphere of infinity. 

More importantly I guess if everything is derived from another then it becomes even clearer that nothing exists independently. Nothing can stand on it's own strength. And everything does and should matter to anything. 

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