Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Not that I need to say but... Everything was beautiful and tasted perfect.

I think fine dining is best enjoyed with friends. I really hate it when I feel awkward about eating. Always ends up with me half-eating my food and not enjoying any of it at all. With family and close friends it's a whole different matter though.. I like to leave a clean plate at the end of the meal, sometimes I can even go for seconds if I feel up for a challenge. Anyway, because there is this relation between my happiness and food, I get quite particular about things when we're dining out. Like if there is a booth seat I will always ask for it, and if I can opt to sit next to rather than opposite my dining partner I would like to do that instead too. With two people it's nice to sit at a corner rather than sitting across from each other, which feels a bit like a job interview. I think tables should always be small enough to ensure that there is no more than an arm's length between you and the closest person.

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