Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Entire house filling up with fumes from boiling prawn heads and shells. Getting depressed from Global Justice and Health readings and the realization that we all harm each other in direct or indirect ways unless we are the ones who are harmed so severely that we lack access to the instruments and institutions that inflict or reinforce harm on others.

How does this all connect to my stupid little life with all its stupid little problems.. 20% of the world lives in abject poverty on less than $1USD a day, 50% on less than $2. It's hard not to feel disgusted with myself and the frivolous crap I think about 99% of the time. And what's the point of being educated if I simply join the institutions and support the world order that has brought about the vast injustices that cause countless deaths daily and ruin entire countries.

I really wish I could think of some sort of resolution or a good way to end this.

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