Monday, April 25, 2011


When you're already on spring holiday, Bank holidays are just an inconvenience. Now that all the libraries are closed my productivity is shot. Currently reading thingsweveeaten and wikitravel pages for Brussels and Antwerp when I should really be reading The Republic

pix from when wz was in London visiting which makes me a bit sad now:

1. Yam's and his girlfriend
2. Wz and his girlfriend
3. Koya has great tempura. Going early = no queue
4. Outside British Art Show at the Hayward Gallery. I really like the South Bank area
5. Buying pork belly sandwiches at Borough Market's Roast yum
6. Burgers at Byron. Nice reliable place. It kind of reminds me of OverEasy(in Singapore). This was before I knocked over the milkshake which was just as well because it was way too much for the two of us(thankfully they were really nice about it).

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