Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Salad shop

"It was my first job out of university. I'm telling you, for those five years, I never felt the 'Monday blues' a single time. It was like playing computer games with my friends every day."

"We got to take home 10% of whatever we made. If you made enough money in the first hour of trading you'd just spend the rest of the day watching tv shows on your computer and talking cock with the other guys."

"My boss made a million dollars the year she turned 30. She was a very nice person. There were traders who disappeared after losing seventy grand or whatever. But she didn't make them pay her back or anything."

"In a good month we were taking home five figure sums. For a bunch of twenty something year olds that was quite something. But it was high risk, high reward. I had to take a pay cut for my next job."

"When algorithms were introduced things got a lot harder for us. It got a lot harder to make money and a lot easier to lose it. We could see it happening every day. People just left one by one. I thought I better do something else. So just applied around and this came up."

"The job now is okay. Pretty stable."

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