Monday, May 18, 2015

4 more days

The days go by slowly but the weeks past in a blink. It's like floating on the sea, watching a great big wave coming towards me in slow motion. I already know that it's coming. I've already decided that it's only sensible to remain calm, while I still can. I've prepared myself as much as I can. I've played so many scenarios out in my head. I've started scheduling appointments for the end of next month. As much as I can know what's going to happen, I already do. And after all of that thinking and waiting for so long, I'm bored. The wave is still on its way. It wasn't so high when I first noticed it, but now it's towering above me, casting a shadow over everything around me. Still, it's going to take a while more to crash down on me. I've even gotten used to the shadow. Soon everything is going to fall down on me. And that won't be in slow motion anymore. I guess that's just how things change. Gradually, then suddenly.

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