Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dream: 06-May-14

The other day I dreamt of a grey sky and a building submerged in the water, and I was walking around the side of it following behind M and both of us were holding on to the side of the building trying to keep as close as possible, because we were walking along the top line of these stone steps that led into the water. There were enormous black and silver fishes in the water, swimming near the surface and coming very near me and I had to step carefully so that I wouldn't get my shoes too wet or step on the fishes instead. They looked like the fishes Hee and I saw when we were at the river safari last week.

After that we were walking along a path in a small forest, which opened out into a sunny clearing where there were restaurants and we sat down for brunch.

He started talking about how shit his life was, like all the difficult things and I was telling him that surely it's not so bad. We were waiting for somebody to turn up, and like in dreams, that person could have been either of two people, even though the second person I remembered would have been completely out of point.

I woke up and the main thing I remembered was saying "but you have a gorgeous wife". The rest of the day I kept thinking about the grey sky and the big fish that were swimming around too close. 

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