Thursday, May 22, 2014

21 May

It was an early evening and the sky was turning dark.

We got off the bus and walked side by side towards his house. He said, "Actually dying doesn't seem so bad. I mean, life, all this shit - it's so fucking tiring man."

"Hmm ya. Some dude said something like that, like... 'Dying is easy, it's this day to day living that wears you out.'*" I said, holding his hand. 

"Well that's a very smart guy who said that. Sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it. Can't see the point of it all."

"Don't say that it's not true."

We continued walking. He started talking about something else. I don't remember what it was. What I remember is that but in my heart then I knew there was a point. Life is okay, there's something to live for. I can't name it, but I can feel its warm glow inside of me, like street lights in the night. 

“Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to dayliving that wears you out.” ― Anton Chekhov. 

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