Thursday, January 23, 2014

Everytime I see you in the world

I can't stop thinking or talking about what a insane album this is. I've been listening to this song nearly every day since I heard it for the first time, tripped out on shit at a new girl's house. Not like this is my favourite band in the world right now but after reading their lyrics on RapGenius I can't help but feel awe at how rich their songs are and how similar their world view is to mine, I guess to plenty of other young people out there in the world today who live in cities and question the existence of God, among other things. And they are living, breathing, performing artists and this world is developing in tandem with their commentary of it and I know that in many, many, many years I will listen to this music and today, this month, this year, whatever lay inside of the thin borderlines of the bubble of my youth will come crashing back into me.

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