Thursday, January 12, 2012

30th December 2011, ~ 1730hrs, Madrid

Once in a while you see something and it just sort of knocks you out. Sensory perception is the best thing human beings have but we all get pretty desensitized to aesthetic experience after the 24/7 drivel day after day. Then you have all the deliberated, concentrated stuff in galleries, museums, cinemas, concerts... and that's all the aesthetic experience people talk about anyway. Other than that you don't expect much from life, and even when you experience something exceptional it takes a lot to share that feeling. Even then it really can't be shared transparently anyway, it has to go via some external medium, and in the end you have to create something entirely different from what you experienced. Almost everybody does this, which is great. Some people are better at it. Ok this is stupidly abstract.

Really long ago when I was a little kid in Singapore, there was one afternoon where I saw some broken glass on the street while walking home alone. It was all over the tarmac, like spilled crystals or something. I picked up a couple of pieces and brought it home and put it in a little box... the kind of thing little girls do (or maybe just me). 

I spend a lot of time doing stupid things these days. The little Marx faces on my browser tabs keep giving me disapproving looks.

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