Friday, January 6, 2012


pigging out circa 2011, pic via sam

I went to Spain right after Boxing Day to spend some well-needed chilltime with two of my best bros in the world, and now the United Kingdom as well. Globalization is so good, I always have everything I need/want now. Madrid was great. Barcelona was Amazing and I know for sure I'm going back some day, hopefully sooner than later. 

New Year's, like most things, was an anticlimax. At the first moment of 2012 I was hollering down a hallway for Sam, feeling a bit sleepy and stupid. We went to a huge club and sang/danced to indie-rock tunes for the entire night, including Such Great Heights and Have Love Will Travel. So random but so good

I woke up the next morning with the full realization that it was 2012, and an entire year had passed since we watched the fireworks together off Tanjong Rhu in Singapore. 

2011 was a pretty strange year for me. I moved forward but I also went backwards, much further than I thought I could. Every year my emotional experiences seem to reach new extremes and last year gave me the best and worst times ever, sometime together at once. In so many ways it was the best year of my life, but very much the worst too.

Either way:
1. It is over (2011, but nothing is ever really over)
2. I am still wholly grateful for everything that has happened
3. And everyone who stayed by my side, some longer than others

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