Monday, June 28, 2010

nice to read something like this hm

"One more thing – and this is a please, please, please – I am not a stylist, but in my whole time taking photos there is one recurrent theme: the best photos are where there are at least three points of interest. Like here – bag, ripped jeans, shirt sleeves rolled up, two buttons on the shirt undone, tattoos, glasses, hair – I mean take your pick. I dare you tomorrow morning to not just pick out a nice top; to not just pick out a nice necklace or bracelet; nor to do your hair in a different way or do something different or perky to your cuffs or sleeves or the roll of your pants perhaps. Do three of these things. Or four, or five. Go all out for it – please, it’s so easy to do and it looks so good! Plus, this isn’t a “oh yeah, someone else can do it.” This is you – if we are to become a style nation, then every single person has to take responsibility and make it happen. Now."

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