Wednesday, January 28, 2009


"I just think of people," she continued, "whether they seem right where they are and fit into the picture. I don't mind if they don't do anything. I don't se why they should; in fact it always astonishes me when anybody does anything."
"You don't want to do anything?"
"I want to sleep."
For a second he was startled, almost as though he had meant this literally.
"Sort of. I want to just be lazy and I want some of the people around me to be doing things, because that makes me feel comfortable and safe - and I want some of them to be doing nothing at all, because they can be graceful and companionable for me. But I never want to change people or get excited over them."
"You're a quaint little determinist," laughed Anothony. "It's your world, isn't it?"
"Well -" she said with a quick upward glance, "isn't it? As long as I'm - young."
She had paused slightly before the last word and Anthony suspected that she had started to say "beautiful". It was undeniably what she had intended.

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